"This is our call to action. This is our time to bring opportunity back to NY-23 and remember our common ties. The same values my parents instilled in me — hard work, education, and community — are the values of most people in this district, no matter what their political affiliation."


The latest from the campaign trail!

Why I Am Voting for Tracy

“I’m a lifelong Democrat and I believe that our NY 23rd District would greatly benefit from the truly representative leadership in the House that Tracy would provide. I believe that incumbent Republican Tom Reed has failed to represent the working people of this district for the past seven years. Reed has repeatedly voted for party over principle, and has always favored the wealthiest at the expense of ordinary New Yorkers. The NY 23rd District is a largely rural and less-developed, but very widespread area that could use federal resources that Reed has failed to provide. Tom Reed has had his chance, and NY 23rd needs a change.”

“Tracy is the whole package. She understands the needs of all the people in this district, the working people and the single moms and dads. She is bright and personable, well-spoken and has lots of energy. I liked her the minute I met her. I like and respect most of the candidates in the 23rd, but I feel Tracy is the most electable and the very best candidate to go forward with and beat Tom Reed.”

“I’m voting for Tracy for many reasons, but especially because of her positions on universal healthcare and internet infrastructure.

The healthcare industry should be a zero-sum business (to provide everyone with great quality of care) and the US spends WAY TOO much on care as it is. A single payer system, everyone in the paying pool, simple. Internet infrastructure is another huge YES. When I moved up here from the south, I went back to 1980’s internet! Her knowledge and experience in cyber-security is second to none. We need her in Congress to update and focus our national security against those threats.”

“We need a fresh face in Congress who cares about the average citizens and their daily struggles, and not just the wealthy and special interest groups. Tom Reed voting against the Affordable Care Act showed me he is out of touch with his constituents. I would like to see a single payer health care system that is fair for everyone and Tracy will fight for that. Tracy’s cyber security expertise is also a plus and is much needed in today’s world.”

“[Tracy] is the one person who can seriously take on Tom Reed. Super, super smart and definitely has the gravitas. Hands down, best choice.”