About Tracy Mitrano

**Endorsed by the Working Families Party and Women’s Equality Party**

I have lived in Western and Southern Tier New York my entire life. I was born in Rochester where my parents owned a restaurant downtown. I grew up helping my father in that restaurant. It is where I learned first-hand about the importance of community and of hard work.

My parents sacrificed everything so that I could receive an education. Because of them, I was the first one in my family to go to college.  They believed that success meant having choices and they believed that getting a good education would create opportunities or me. And it did. I received a Ph.D in American History from Binghamton University and a Law degree from Cornell. With these degrees, I have spent a lifetime serving my Southern Tier community.

I have taught at colleges and universities across the state, most recently serving as the Director of Information Technology Policy at Cornell University. As an internet policy expert, I was a member of the EDUCAUSE Board, and sat on the New York State Board of Education Task Force on Distance Education and the Tompkins County Legislature’s Broadband Committee. After retiring from Cornell, I built a successful consulting business and created a public-private partnership cybersecurity certificate degree for the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. I began campaigning full-time in December of 2017 and divide my time between Penn Yan and Ithaca when I’m not on the campaign trail.

The Southern Tier is a special place. I have raised two children, Nikko (25) and Samuel (21), here because of the strong values of this district and the hardworking community.

My parents’ lesson–that success meant choices–is at the heart of my platform and my campaign. The people of the 23rd deserve to have opportunities in their lives, however in recent years I have watched our district suffer as the local economy lags. Too many friends and neighbors are losing farms and businesses. Families are split apart as children must move far away to find employment. Meanwhile, a political divide has grown in our district. Congressman Reed has exploited this rift to distract from the fact that he votes again and again for corporate interests and lobbyists instead of the needs of his own constituents. This district cannot just be a place for only Republicans or only Democrats—that’s not how democracy works!

I will fight tirelessly to grow our economy and bring jobs back to the district, while pushing for commonsense tax policies. I will protect the rights of constituents with disabilities and veterans, including ensuring access to affordable healthcare. I will champion the rights of every single person in NY 23, regardless of their political affiliation. I have a large and professional campaign staff on top of a strong volunteer network throughout the district, working to spread our campaign message. I hope you will join me, too.




To learn more about my qualifications, please read my professional biography.