Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality

Mission: I support net neutrality. Companies should not have the right to limit access to the Internet to only those who can afford it. Doing so will harm our schools and universities and most affect low-income families, students, and people with disabilities. It is time for Congress to pass legislation that protects this critical principal of communications, commerce and content sharing on the internet.

  • The decision by the FCC to end Net Neutrality turns the clock back at the expense of the consumer and to the benefit of corporations and the wealthy 1 percent.


            Ithaca, NY – Today, the FCC voted along party lines to end Net Neutrality, scrapping regulations meant to keep the Internet open and fair for all. This decision re-categorizes the Internet as an information service instead of a utility. The FCC’s decision was not a surprise, despite widespread opposition from consumers. The number of public comments received in opposition before the vote took place broke all records.

            Before running to represent New York’s 23rd district in Congress, I spent the last 10 years of my career as an internet governance and cybersecurity expert fighting to keep Internet access open for everyone. This dangerous decision by the FCC turns the clock back at the expense of the consumer and to the benefit of corporations and the wealthy 1 percent, who will no doubt use this decision to charge consumers more for access to online information and websites. Low-income and people with disabilities will suffer most from this decision.

            The hardworking people of New York 23rd’s district deserve robust and uninhibited access to the Internet. It is one of the key pieces needed to boost economic development and jobs by allowing family farms to compete on the national and global market, K-12 educational improvements, and to attract 21st Century businesses to this district.

            I call upon Congress and the courts to use their legislative and judicial authority to ensure that the Internet remains a level playing field for innovation and open to all communication, content, and commerce.