Construction worker working on a construction site


Mission: Our campaign is committed to putting people first and to bringing 21st-century economic opportunity to the 23rd District. We are dedicated to the interests of working people and families, and of labor unions. Our comprehensive approach includes health care, education, and immigration and labor reform, together with infrastructure improvements and appropriate conservation of our natural resources.  Reform in only one or two of these areas would help working- and middle-class people, but only comprehensive reform―of all these areas woven together―will make it possible to achieve both the kind and quality of economic development that will bring a new generation of investment and jobs to the 23rd District.

Specifically on the subject of labor, we support:

  • Fair―not free―trade deals that include equitable wages and equivalent health, safety, and environmental conditions;
  • Legislation that will stop corporations from receiving tax benefits when they outsource jobs to other countries;
  • Legislation to address recent Supreme Court cases where the Court decided against the interests of labor unions;
  • Immigration reform for temporary worker visas, and a pathway to citizenship for “Dreamers” as well as families that have demonstrated a generation of citizenship; and
  • Labor reform that will broaden the definitions of “organizing” and “collective bargaining” to bring more types of work groups, such as information technology, into unions.