“I’m voting for Tracy for many reasons, but especially because of her positions on universal healthcare and internet infrastructure.

The healthcare industry should be a zero-sum business (to provide everyone with great quality of care) and the US spends WAY TOO much on care as it is. A single payer system, everyone in the paying pool, simple. Internet infrastructure is another huge YES. When I moved up here from the south, I went back to 1980’s internet! Her knowledge and experience in cyber-security is second to none. We need her in Congress to update and focus our national security against those threats.”

“Tracy has the understanding and commitment to do what is right for us in the 23rd and us as Americans as a whole – not just big businesses and the wealthy. I met her on Facebook and read her posts, then I looked further into what she stands for. She takes the time to listen and understand others, we need more people with that attitude in office.”

Matt McKenzie, Steuben County