“Tracy is the whole package. She understands the needs of all the people in this district, the working people and the single moms and dads. She is bright and personable, well-spoken and has lots of energy. I liked her the minute I met her. I like and respect most of the candidates in the 23rd, but I feel Tracy is the most electable and the very best candidate to go forward with and beat Tom Reed.”

“She is willing to listen and talk to ALL the people, not just the “silent majority,” as Mr. Reed puts it when he has to be in front of the “Vocal Minority.”

Mr. Reed offends me every time he votes for the interests of himself and his cronies, the NRA and big business. He offended everyone in Hornell when he voted against the Transportation Bond that is bringing hundreds of jobs to Hornell and Alstom. Then he tried to show up for the announcement and the photo op. His self-interest is legendary. He votes against this district every time.

I am a retired speech therapist. Most of my kids were on Medicaid, which also paid for my services as well as other therapies and equipment. They need those services and cuts will be devastating there. If Congress doesn’t renew CHIP, it will directly affect many of the kids, too. So many of them have real serious medical needs. Their parents work but still cannot afford all the additional medical bills. Many have a cap on their insurance for the life of the child and they need the additional insurance that CHIP provides.”

Kathy Green, Steuben County