“I have been a Republican ever since I began voting. But I’m not happy with what has been happening with the Republican Party and in November, I’ll be voting for Tracy Mitrano.”

“Republicans are trying to take everything away from us. I have never had employer-provided health insurance. I have always had to buy it on my own and because of that, I’ve always been in debt because I had to borrow money to buy it. I’m now getting SSI but I still have to work more than one job to make ends meet. Now Paul Ryan and other Republicans are talking about cutting Medicaid, Medicare, and SSI and calling them entitlements. They’re not entitlements! I earned that money. The ACA gave me some financial relief, but now they’re taking that too.

The tax bill is a scam on the American people. They took away tax credits and buffers for people who itemize. It’s going to hurt people like me. Once people realize what’s happening, they’re going to be very angry.

Tom Reed doesn’t listen to his constituents. He is not trying to help us either. He keeps saying what the Republicans are taking from us will actually help us, but really he just votes the way he’s told.

We need Tracy—someone who looks around and sees the problems we have in the 23rd. We have infrastructure that needs to be fixed. We need someone who will pay attention to education and jobs. We have a lot of jobs, but we don’t have people educated with skills and training to fill those jobs. Mitch McConnell and others are trying to take us back into the 1800s with things like coal. We need to be going high-tech and into the future, like Tracy says.

This country needs Tracy in Congress. If NYS puts her into office, we would have a rep who could write laws for the future of our internet safety, computers, and computer systems. With Tracy, NYS state could take the lead position on this.”

Fran Emerson, Seneca County