We owe an incredible debt to all those who serve in our armed forces. The dedication and sacrifice of our veterans is truly deserving of commendation—but we cannot also simply commend. We must also provide adequate funding for veterans’ services,  including health care, mental health support, job programs, and housing, and we cannot do this through the privatization of veterans’ services, which would allow companies to get rich off of providing support and treatment to our veterans. We cannot “farm out” our veterans’ care to the highest bidder, for we will be failing, on a most basic level, if we turn our backs on the people who sacrifice so much. Veterans should not be abandoned to the dictates of the free market.

We need representatives in Congress who understand what it means to deploy soldiers overseas and who will ensure that the government provides the highest form of care and support upon our soldiers’ return. I will be such a representative, ensuring that the government provides the best technology for our soldiers, not just in war, but when they come home.