As a longtime resident of New York’s Southern Tier, I understand that guns are an important part of life to many in the district, and as your Congressional representative, I will work to protect the Second Amendment rights of responsible gun owners. Still, there must be a balance between a right to bear arms and public safety. We must implement safeguards, not to inhibit the rights of responsible gun owners, but to ensure that all gun owners are indeed responsible. There have been too many tragedies, in recent decades, to allow us to think that current gun control legislation is adequate to the task of ensuring our families’ safety.

I support comprehensive background checks for all gun owners, as well as the elimination of loopholes, such as the gun show loophole, that allow people to purchase guns without undergoing background checks. I support laws that would prevent people with a history of domestic abuse from buying weapons, and I will work to limit the influence of the gun lobby over legislation in Congress. Gun control legislation is a matter that should be decided by the people and their representatives, not lobbyists from the National Rifle Association.