I am a lifelong advocate of labor unions. Unions help ensure that the economy works for everyone, so that everyone is paid a fair wage and works under safe conditions. As a Congresswoman, I will protect existing labor law and also seek reforms that will provide compensation for public-sector unions and expand the definitions of “organizing” and “collective bargaining” so as to bring more types of work groups, such as information-technology employees, into unions.  I will be a tireless advocate on behalf of our nation’s hardest workers, supporting legislation to introduce a livable wage for all employees and establish paid family and medical leave as a federal requirement.

I will also push for measures that keep jobs in our district, rather than allowing them to be outsourced to other nations. Big companies should not receive tax breaks when they move abroad. Trade should be fair, not free. I support trade deals that are aimed at protecting the integrity of the American worker and businessperson by requiring equitable wages and equivalent health, safety, and environmental requirements.