Education is integral to our economy; if we do not ensure that our children have access to high-quality education, from pre-K through high school, college, trade school, and even graduate school, our local economies will remain stagnant. We will not have the resources required to train the next generation for twenty-first century jobs.

The first step, then, is to strengthen our public schools. We do this by increasing funds for needed school resources and activities, including perhaps the most important resource we can give our children: good teachers. We must ensure that our school teachers receive wages that are reflective of the incredibly important work that they do, so that talented teachers are not dissuaded from the job due to low pay. I also support the expansion of universal Pre-K education and the Head Start program, so that all children can come to kindergarten ready to learn.

Beyond high school, I believe that we should make it easier for motivated students to access post-secondary education, including college, graduate school, and trade school, without being burdened with excessive levels of student loans. The cost of attending school should not lead to lifelong debt. I support making interest-free loans available to anyone who qualifies for admission to a college, university, vocational training or certificate program.