The bedrock of our district’s economy is agriculture, and this vibrant industry needs support from its elected leaders. I will expand rural broadband access, fight for comprehensive immigration reform, and protect our agricultural products from tariffs that affect farmers’ bottom lines.

Agriculture has undergone a technological revolution. To stay competitive in the modern agricultural economy, it’s essential that we provide internet access and reliable cell phone coverage to rural areas. We insist on the importance of technology for small business owners in urban communities; we will do the same in rural areas.

I am committed to a comprehensive immigration reform proposal that prioritizes expanding H-2A visas. The H-2A program provides temporary work status for agricultural workers. Such an expansion of the program will decrease the pressures to cross the border illegally and lead to a cyclical and transitional—rather than permanent—system of need-based economic immigration.

Lastly, tariffs are a major problem for farmers across NY-23. International allies have increased duties on American dairy products, making the jobs of our dairy farmers even more difficult. China has imposed potentially crippling tariffs on soybeans, which are the fourth most abundant crop in our district by planted acres. We must renegotiate bad trade agreements to the benefit of American workers.