Former #NY23 Congressional Candidate Karl Warrington Endorses Tracy

January 8, 2018

Statement from Democratic Candidate Tracy Mitrano in Response to Warrington Endorsement

Yesterday, Karl Warrington announced his decision to withdraw from the NY-23rd congressional race and to endorse Tracy Mitrano. Warrington told the Ithaca Times that Tracy “is the one person who can seriously take on Tom Reed. Super, super smart and definitely has the gravitas. Hands down, best choice.”

In response, Mitrano released the following statement:

“I am grateful to receive Mr. Warrington’s endorsement. I truly admire and respect the campaign Mr. Warrington ran. He focused on bringing compassion and community values back into politics, things sorely lacking in recent political discussions and in our current congressional representation.

In his professional life and during his campaign, Mr. Warrington has gained a reputation for standing up against injustice and speaking out against policies that unfairly hurt the working and middle-class—issues that have been an important feature of my campaign as well. He has also rightly been quick to point out the many times Congressman Tom Reed has sided with the interests of his wealthy donors and politicians in Washington, rather than his constituents in NY-23.

I look forward to working together with Mr. Warrington in the coming weeks and months to fight for those in our district who have been neglected by our current representation on issues such as health care and economic opportunity.”


6/14 — Democratic Candidate Tracy Mitrano’s Campaign responds to former unpaid volunteers’ unauthorized removal of Reed’s “Extreme Ithaca Liberal” signs from public property.

The Mitrano for Congress campaign has recently learned that two of its unpaid volunteers, acting on their own volition, removed Tom Reed’s “Extreme Ithaca Liberal” signs from public property.

Mitrano for Congress will never condone any of its volunteers taking other candidates’ yard signs. The individuals involved are no longer associated with the campaign.

Obviously, because Congressman Reed has no positive record of his own to run on, it’s clear he’s taken to meddling in the Democratic primary by placing “Extreme Ithaca Liberal” yard signs next to presumptive Democratic front-runner Tracy Mitrano’s yard signs. He clearly must be afraid to face Tracy Mitrano in the general election.

We encourage all of our volunteers to channel their frustration with Tom Reed’s poor record into getting out the vote on June 26th and November 8th.

6/14 — Democratic Candidate Tracy Mitrano’s Campaign responds to divisive tactics with message of unity.

This morning, a local Democratic committee chair who is publicly supporting another candidate, issued a politically-motivated attack against Democratic Candidate Tracy Mitrano’s campaign. It is unfortunate that a Democratic chair would go so far as to use antiquated language in dismissing a woman frontrunner with Tracy’s experience and background as “disqualified” to run for Congress.

Tracy Mitrano has been on the campaign trail with her fellow candidates for many months now. We can say with certainty that every single candidate is driven by their love for NY-23. We urge all candidates, their surrogates, and their supporters to remember that we are all running to bring a better future to NY-23, not to tear down the Democratic Party.

Unfortunately, it is a sad and frequent reality in politics that, in last-ditch moments, candidates’ surrogates often resort to attacks against the front-runner in an attempt to score extra votes.

Attempts to divide NY-23 voters is one of Tom Reed’s most well-used tactics. We must be better than that. From the beginning of our campaign, Tracy has consistently pushed a positive message of unity and putting people first. Tom Reed does neither. We believe more than ever before that uniting NY-23 and working together, regardless of political affiliation, is the only way we will be able to address the enormous challenges we’re facing. Tracy is running for seniors who are worried about their Medicare and Social Security being cut. She’s running for farmers and small business owners who are struggling to make ends meet. She’s running for young people who are paralyzed by overwhelming student loan debt. Tracy is running for the people of NY-23, not against her fellow candidates.

Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated voters alike are tired of mean-spirited politics. We must instead fight for the future of NY-23 together.

6/1 – Corning Mayor Bill Boland Endorses Tracy Mitrano

“Tracy Mitrano represents the best in American politics,” Mayor Boland said. “She is practical, thoughtful and authentic. Tracy has a genuine commitment to bringing us together as a people, representing what unites us as so much more powerful than what divides us. I support Tracy because she is a moderate progressive, someone who believes that honest conversations between people of good will build the common good, where an even better America is there for us all.”

“Tracy’s is a fresh politics of common ground, occupying the vibrant center, where people reach out to each other, engage each other in civil discussion, and work on differences,” Mayor Boland continued. “She believes, as I do, that this is the way we make progress as a people, together.”

“Tracy Mitrano’s candidacy speaks to the spirit and tradition of Amo Houghton’s representation of 23rd District, a positive tradition of civility, practical centrism and dialog. It’s tradition we value and remember in Corning,” Mayor Boland concluded.

“I’m very grateful for Mayor Boland’s support of our campaign,” Tracy Mitrano said. “It’s time to find common ground among our neighbors by putting people first, bringing common sense politics to Washington, and creating economic opportunity for the 23rd District.”


5/21 – Deputy Supervisor for the Town of Dryden Endorses Tracy Mitrano

Dan Lamb is the Deputy Supervisor for the Town of Dryden and former 15-year District Representative for late NY-22 Congressman Maurice D. Hinchey. In 2012, Dan ran for New York’s 22nd Congressional seat.   

“I am pleased to announce my endorsement of Tracy Mitrano for Congress,”  Mr. Lamb said. “I encourage all registered Democrats in the 23rd  Congressional District to vote for Tracy on Tuesday, June 26.”

“For 15 years, I had the honor of serving this region as district representative for the late Congressman Maurice D. Hinchey.”  Mr. Lamb continued. “Therefore, I offer my endorsement of Tracy with some familiarity as to the demands of the job and what it takes to fight for an Upstate New York congressional district. Tracy stands out in her ability to unite people, her understanding of the district, and her articulation of an inclusive agenda. Tracy has demonstrated the rare combination of management skills, vision, empathy, and tenacity needed to be successful in the district—and in Congress. The 23rd  Congressional District needs a fighter, and Tracy is that candidate.”

“As the current deputy supervisor in the town of Dryden, I see the damage that the current dysfunction in Congress is causing at all levels of government,”  Mr. Lamb remarked.  “Municipalities need a partner in Congress, not an adversary. We need a new Farm Bill to help our farmers, renewal of the National Flood Insurance Program to protect our residents, an actual infrastructure bill to make our roads and bridges safer, and tax reform that doesn’t punish local government and working families. The current Congress has failed badly on these and many other legislative priorities.”

“We must have fresh ideas and new voices in Congress. To make this happen, we must send leaders like Tracy to Washington. Now more than ever, we need a Congress willing to assert its powers as the preeminent branch of government and exercise oversight on an increasingly corrupt and chaotic presidency. The stakes could not be higher in this year’s midterm elections and it is essential that we nominate the strongest candidate possible to ensure victory in November. Tracy is that candidate.  I urge all voters to review her platform and join me in supporting this special candidate.”

Tracy Mitrano and Volunteers Collect Over 5,000 Petition Signatures

After weeks of hundreds of volunteers going door to door across all 11 counties in NY-23, the campaign has officially collected and filed over 5,300 signatures- over four times the number needed to get on the ballot for the June 26th, 2018 primary.  Tracy Mitrano could not be more pleased and more excited about the results.

In response to the results, Tracy Mitrano released this statement:

“Thank you so much to our extraordinary volunteers who spent thousands of hours collecting signatures despite the, at times, terrible weather conditions! Our success in petitioning is because of this outstanding “people-powered” support from folks who have rallied to help bring opportunity back to the district. This is a major first step to our “Get Out the Vote” strategy moving into June. Onward!”

3/19 – Women’s Equality Party Endorses Mitrano

The Women’s Equality Party (WEP) has endorsed Tracy Mitrano for Congress in New York’s 23rd District.

In a statement, WEP Chairwoman Susan Zimet thanked all of the candidates who sought the party’s endorsement and said the party had completed a thorough review of each candidate. Zimet said, “The Women’s Equality Party is proud to endorse Tracy Mitrano for Congress. Women in this country still face significant discrimination, particularly in the workplace. Mitrano’s track record of community service and advocacy for marginalized communities throughout her personal and professional life, proves she is the person we need in Congress to fight for gender equality.”

WEP Regional Leader Debra Puckhaber also praised Mitrano’s ongoing work to advance the rights of women. “Tracy Mitrano is a champion and fierce advocate of Women’s Equality Party tenets, such as defending access to affordable healthcare, to protecting women’s rights in the workplace. We are confident she will bring that same spirit to Congress. She has a clear message which resonates across New York’s 23rd District, and a creative vision for our area that will translate into sustainable, concrete results.”

3/16 – Watkins Glen Mayor Schimizzi Endorses Mitrano for Congress

Watkins Glen Mayor Sam Schimizzi has endorsed Democrat Tracy Mitrano for Congress in NY-23.

In his statement, Schimizzi said, “I am pleased to announce that I have endorsed Tracy Mitrano for Congress. With compassion and a bias for action to meet the challenges we are facing, Tracy is absolutely the leader we need representing New York’s 23rd District in Washington. Her comprehensive economic development plan focuses on the real needs of constituents in places like Watkins Glen–defending access to affordable health care, helping small businesses, building vital infrastructure, addressing transportation challenges, providing our children with quality education and training, and keeping our environment safe and clean. We need Tracy in Congress because she will work tirelessly to help our communities thrive.”

3/9 – Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick Endorses Tracy

Tonight, Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick endorsed Democratic Congressional candidate Tracy Mitrano running in New York’s 23rd District.

Mayor Myrick said in a statement, “I am so pleased to endorse Tracy Mitrano for Congress. The upcoming election in November is a chance to unite around a candidate who has the integrity, leadership, experience, and vision to truly represent the 23rd in Congress. Tracy’s focus on issues such as creating jobs, defending access to affordable health care, developing infrastructure, and protecting the environment are all issues that are important to constituents from Ithaca to Hornell to Wellsville and Jamestown, regardless of their political affiliation. Having spent her entire live in Western and Southern Tier New York, she has a genuine love for this area that will make her an excellent steward of this District. We must unite around these common values to elect someone who truly has the best interest of our beautiful District at heart, and that’s Tracy Mitrano.”

In response, Tracy Mitrano said the following, “I would like to thank Mayor Myrick for his endorsement. Ithaca has a special place in my heart. It took this Rochester native in and gave me a good place to work and to raise my two wonderful sons. I look forward to working with Mayor Myrick and leaders across the District to address the challenges facing the 23rd and to bring opportunity back to our area.”