Tracy Discusses the 23rd’s Shared Values in The Ithaca Times

In an op-ed written to The Ithaca Times, Tracy called out Congressman Tom Reed for attempting to divide the district and encouraged constituents to work together using our shared values. Tracy said:

Though these perceptions are often superficial, many in politics seek to exaggerate them for personal and professional gain. Neglecting the real issues we all face by our incumbent representative in Congress – Tom Reed – has made the superficial seem more important than it is. Real leadership and real political representation would focus more on our shared foundation of values, rather than trying to drive a wedge between us.

My story is not all that different from many who reside in New York’s 23rd District. Tom Reed would have you think otherwise. He would have you think that because some members of our community—our family—think of a different way to achieve our shared values, or choose to live in a different town, that they are to be loathed. It is in Tom Reed’s best interest to promote a divide within the 23rd district.  He uses it so that he can vote how he pleases in his pursuit of special interest money. But it is not good for us.  Falling into his trap will continue to hold us back.

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Former #NY23 Congressional Candidate Karl Warrington Endorses Tracy

January 8, 2018

Statement from Democratic Candidate Tracy Mitrano in Response to Warrington Endorsement

Yesterday, Karl Warrington announced his decision to withdraw from the NY-23rd congressional race and to endorse Tracy Mitrano. Warrington told the Ithaca Times that Tracy “is the one person who can seriously take on Tom Reed. Super, super smart and definitely has the gravitas. Hands down, best choice.”

In response, Mitrano released the following statement:

“I am grateful to receive Mr. Warrington’s endorsement. I truly admire and respect the campaign Mr. Warrington ran. He focused on bringing compassion and community values back into politics, things sorely lacking in recent political discussions and in our current congressional representation.

In his professional life and during his campaign, Mr. Warrington has gained a reputation for standing up against injustice and speaking out against policies that unfairly hurt the working and middle-class—issues that have been an important feature of my campaign as well. He has also rightly been quick to point out the many times Congressman Tom Reed has sided with the interests of his wealthy donors and politicians in Washington, rather than his constituents in NY-23.

I look forward to working together with Mr. Warrington in the coming weeks and months to fight for those in our district who have been neglected by our current representation on issues such as health care and economic opportunity.”


#1 : Top 5 Ways Tom Reed has hurt NY’s 23rd district

In our countdown of the Top 5 Ways Tom Reed has hurt NY’s 23 district, #1 will have consequences for years to come.

This year, Tom Reed doggedly pursued, drafted, championed, and passed a tax bill that permanently cuts taxes to the wealthiest Americans and corporations. It will add on $1.4 trillion to the national deficit and launch massive cuts to critical programs, like Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security. It will widen the already startling income inequality gap so that the rich will get richer and the poor will only get poorer. This bill was a Christmas gift to the wealthy, as the President remarked and major non-partisan economic and labor organizations have affirmed.

Washington: Martin Luther King, Jr memorial monument on September 2, 2015 in Washington, DC.

Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday marks the birthday of an American who sought unity at a time of division and brought hope and healing to this country. It is a day to honor and reflect on the fundamental definition of what these United States of America are: a home for people of all faiths, races, ethnicities, genders, abilities, and persuasions. And it is a day to celebrate each other, to recommit to standing up, not only for what is right for ourselves and for our families, but for what is right for our country, and for the ideals upon which the U.S. was founded—liberty and justice for all.