July 3rd —NY-23 Democratic Candidate Tracy Mitrano received a call from NY-23 Democratic Candidate Max Della Pia who conceded the NY-23 Democratic Primary.

Here is Tracy Mitrano’s statement:

“Max Della Pia called me this afternoon to concede the NY-23 Democratic Primary. I thanked Max for stepping up to run and mobilizing a strong base of supporters.

I would also like to thank all of the candidates for their courage in taking that extra step and running for office. They saw the challenges facing our District, and devoted their money, hearts, and lives to help the country we all love. Thank you to:

  • Karl Warrington, who campaigned with real heart;
  • Charles Whalen, who brought keen analysis;
  • Rick Gallant, who spoke so powerfully for teachers and unions;
  • Eddie Sundquist, who so effectively reminded us how this district has been failed by poor congressional leadership;
  • Linda Andrei, who shined a light on the importance of meaningful healthcare reform; and
  • Ian Golden, who galvanized the people who have felt disenfranchised from politics.

I also want to thank everyone who voted in the NY-23 Democratic primary. You are the backbone, the driving force, the spirit behind our growing movement to put people first. I decided to run for office because of you. I share this victory with each and every one of you.

This crowded primary election was tough. But it also has been a shining example of the energy and renewed civic duty that has broken out all across our country.

Now is the time to heal this district. What we have in common is far greater than that which divides us. Let’s re-establish accountability and common sense in our politics. Let us join together, farmers and small business people, urban and rural, young and elderly, minority and majority populations, immigrants and native-born. Let’s work toward health care, education, labor, and immigration reform; robust infrastructure of roads, transportation, and internet; let’s build the foundation that will attract new investment and bring 21st century jobs to this district.

But for a moment tonight, let us celebrate! Let’s celebrate the hope we feel among all people of this district, friends, neighbors and family, a community spirit towards Republicans and Independents and Democrats alike. Together, let’s put people first.”

6/21 – Mitrano Receives Endorsement from First Female Town Supervisor of Geneva Mary Luckern

PENN YAN — Today, presumptive NY-23 Democratic Congressional frontrunner Tracy Mitrano received the endorsement from Mary Luckern, the first female Town Supervisor of Geneva.

Town Supervisor Luckern released the following statement:

I spent over four decades working in education and shaping young minds. I believe that Tracy’s background as an educator is essential to making sure we tap into the potential of all our youth. Her emphasis on promoting education, whether it be community college, or trade and vocational training is essential to developing an economy and a workforce that is prepared for 21st Century jobs.

As the first female Town Supervisor of Geneva, I am endorsing Tracy because I believe that she has the policy experience to know how to navigate Washington, and also the compassion to represent the people of this district.”

In response, Tracy Mitrano said the following:

“I am honored by this endorsement from Mary Luckner, the former Geneva Town Supervisor and fellow educator. Ensuring access to quality education and training has been a key priority throughout my campaign. Too many young people today are strapped with life-long student debt simply for seeking the tools and skills needed to gain employment. This is not the way to create a workforce able to compete in today’s global economy. I’m ready to fight to put people first by getting greedy banking interests out of our education system.”


6/20 – Presumptive NY-23 Democratic Congressional Frontrunner Tracy Mitrano Receives Endorsement from Former NY Lieutenant Governor Mary Anne Krupsak, the first female Lt. Governor of New York.

Today, presumptive NY-23 Democratic Congressional frontrunner Tracy Mitrano received an endorsement from former New York Lieutenant Governor Mary Anne Krupsak, the first female Lt. Governor of New York.

Lieutenant Governor Krupsak released the following statement:

“As the former Lieutenant Governor of New York and a resident of Seneca County, I am endorsing Tracy Mitrano for Congress for New York’s 23rd District. Tracy has lived and worked in our area and understands first-hand our concerns. She has a passion for coming up with down-to-earth solutions dealing with issues like education, jobs, the economy, education, and healthcare. Tracy has the strongest moral character and is in this race not for political gain, but to do something constructive and to help the people of our District.

New York state has a strong track record of electing outstanding female leadership. I was the first woman Lieutenant Governor of New York and when I ran for office 40 years ago, people tried to tell me a woman couldn’t win. It has been thrilling to see the shift since then with more women running for Congress now than ever before. Tracy is a quality candidate who is stepping forward to offer her skills, her heart, and her soul to work on issues that matter to us all. We are fortunate to have a woman of this caliber. With Tracy’s leadership, background, and strong moral compass, this District will be in safe hands. I am confident she will be the fighter this District needs.”

In response to her endorsement, Tracy Mitrano said the following:

“I am grateful to have received this endorsement and vote of confidence from Lieutenant Governor Krupsak, who has long been a hero to me. Forty years ago, she was told not to run for Lieutenant Governor because it was believed a woman couldn’t win. Thankfully, she ignored those warnings, ran, and won, becoming the first woman Lieutenant Governor of New York and paving the way for women like me to run for office. Lieutenant Governor Krupsak embodies the grit and determination to succeed that I so love about our District. I will employ that same spirit as the representative from NY-23 in Congress.”

6/20 – Presumptive NY-23 Democratic Congressional frontrunner Tracy Mitrano Releases Statement Condemning Separation of Families at the Border

Presumptive NY-23 Democratic Congressional frontrunner Tracy Mitrano running in NY-23 released the following statement condemning the separation of families at the border:

“I am horrified by the conditions with which families are being held on our borders simply for trying to find a better life. Because of the “Zero Tolerance Policy” enacted by this administration in May, families are being ripped apart and held in what amounts to prisons and detention camps. Children with disabilities are being taken from their parents with no way to find them again. Last night we learned that babies and toddlers are being held in “tender age” shelters and more of these facilities are in the works. Thousands of people have escaped poverty and violence to come to this country, only to find worse conditions than what they were fleeing.

Using children as a deterrent to immigration is abhorrent and the “Zero Tolerance Policy” must end now. Constituents of NY-23rd have called Congressman Reed’s office in droves to demand action and in response, he released a statement providing no path forward and, as usual, he laid the blame on others. His response is unacceptable. Congressman Reed must denounce today the inhumane treatment happening on our borders. He must commit now to ending the “Zero Tolerance Policy” and to supporting legislation that keeps families together.”

6/19 – Presumptive NY-23 Democratic primary front-runner Tracy Mitrano responds to another politically motivated attack seven days before the June 26 Democratic primary.

PENN YAN — Tracy Mitrano is running for Congress to bring economic opportunity to NY-23. Her sole focus continues to be to put people first, working to make NY-23 a great place to live for working and middle class families, students, teachers, farmers, seniors, and veterans.

As we approach the final seven days before the Democratic primary, our campaign received word of yet another politically-motivated attack from a fellow Democrat and opponent intended to create unnecessary confusion for voters. This political attack seeks to challenge Tracy’s primary residence and her 2017 NY Star exemption. It’s hard to believe that a week before the primary, campaigns are choosing to spend their time going through years of paperwork hunting for clerical errors.

Tracy’s primary residence is 2350 Lerch Road, Penn Yan, NY. Prior to 2018, her primary residence was listed as 20 Chase Lane, Ithaca, NY where she lawfully claimed the NY STAR exemption. As a promise to her youngest son, Tracy has been keeping the Ithaca home until he graduated from college. He graduated from Elon University in May 2018. In 2018, Tracy cannot and will not claim a NY STAR exemption for 20 Chase Lane, Ithaca, NY.

As stated on our campaign website and several candidate forums, Tracy worked for the University of Massachusetts. She purchased a temporary property there in 2016 as a place to stay when she was not working remotely from her homes in New York State. Like many traveling professionals, Tracy’s primary residence remained in New York.

Earlier this year, Tracy hired a Massachusetts real estate firm to sell her temporary property. On May 30, the sale occurred. The attorney sent Tracy documents which she signed and sent back to his office. She was not in attendance for the transaction.

The campaign first learned last night that one of the numerous documents Tracy signed to sell her temporary property was a document called a Declaration of Homestead about ownership and marital status that included a parenthetical clause about primary residence. She was unaware of the clause when she signed the document. She has contacted an attorney in Massachusetts to file an amended document. To date, there has been no tax consequence because this form only impacts tax filing for 2018.

Again, this campaign is about putting people first. As we continue our path to June 26, we remain 100% focused on doing just that, defeating Tom Reed, and uniting NY-23.

6/14 — Democratic Candidate Tracy Mitrano’s Campaign responds to former unpaid volunteers’ unauthorized removal of Reed’s “Extreme Ithaca Liberal” signs from public property.

The Mitrano for Congress campaign has recently learned that two of its unpaid volunteers, acting on their own volition, removed Tom Reed’s “Extreme Ithaca Liberal” signs from public property.

Mitrano for Congress will never condone any of its volunteers taking other candidates’ yard signs. The individuals involved are no longer associated with the campaign.

Obviously, because Congressman Reed has no positive record of his own to run on, it’s clear he’s taken to meddling in the Democratic primary by placing “Extreme Ithaca Liberal” yard signs next to presumptive Democratic front-runner Tracy Mitrano’s yard signs. He clearly must be afraid to face Tracy Mitrano in the general election.

We encourage all of our volunteers to channel their frustration with Tom Reed’s poor record into getting out the vote on June 26th and November 8th.

6/14 — Democratic Candidate Tracy Mitrano’s Campaign responds to divisive tactics with message of unity.

This morning, a local Democratic committee chair who is publicly supporting another candidate, issued a politically-motivated attack against Democratic Candidate Tracy Mitrano’s campaign. It is unfortunate that a Democratic chair would go so far as to use antiquated language in dismissing a woman frontrunner with Tracy’s experience and background as “disqualified” to run for Congress.

Tracy Mitrano has been on the campaign trail with her fellow candidates for many months now. We can say with certainty that every single candidate is driven by their love for NY-23. We urge all candidates, their surrogates, and their supporters to remember that we are all running to bring a better future to NY-23, not to tear down the Democratic Party.

Unfortunately, it is a sad and frequent reality in politics that, in last-ditch moments, candidates’ surrogates often resort to attacks against the front-runner in an attempt to score extra votes.

Attempts to divide NY-23 voters is one of Tom Reed’s most well-used tactics. We must be better than that. From the beginning of our campaign, Tracy has consistently pushed a positive message of unity and putting people first. Tom Reed does neither. We believe more than ever before that uniting NY-23 and working together, regardless of political affiliation, is the only way we will be able to address the enormous challenges we’re facing. Tracy is running for seniors who are worried about their Medicare and Social Security being cut. She’s running for farmers and small business owners who are struggling to make ends meet. She’s running for young people who are paralyzed by overwhelming student loan debt. Tracy is running for the people of NY-23, not against her fellow candidates.

Democrats, Republicans, and unaffiliated voters alike are tired of mean-spirited politics. We must instead fight for the future of NY-23 together.