Tracy Mitrano announced her 2020 candidacy just a few short weeks after the results of the 2018 election came in and is already working with a dedicated group of volunteers to continue spreading her message of economic prosperity across the district.  The Mitrano Campaign is humbled, honored, and excited that the Democratic Committees of Yates and Schuyler Counties and the Executive Democratic Committee of Chautauqua County have all voted to endorse Tracy Mitrano to represent NY’s 23rd district in the House of Representatives.

Many have asked, why is Tracy is running again?  What makes her so sure that she can win in 2020? And why not wait to start campaigning until closer to the 2020 primary?  We would love to take this opportunity to answer those questions and share with you our strategy to unite the entire district in support of Tracy’s candidacy.

Democratic candidates are closing the gap in NY-23: from losing by 24 points in 2014, to 16 points in 2016, and finally slimming the margin to 10 points in 2018.  Our 10 point difference is particularly encouraging because of two key factors that favored Republicans last year – it was a non-presidential year in which Governor Cuomo, an incumbent Democrat with far lower-than-average approval ratings in Western New York, was on the ballot.  Additionally, a contested primary delayed fundraising and gave Reed’s campaign a distinct advantage in campaign advertisements.  As we saw in 2018, a primary has a distinctly adverse effect on the already challenging circumstances for a Democratic Candidate in a district with such a high percentage of registered Republicans.  

The outlook for Democrats in 2020 is strong. Democrats have a voter turnout advantage in presidential years compared to non-presidential years.  Tom Reed’s party no longer controls the House and his support inside NY-23 continues to weaken. In contrast, successful fundraising, voter outreach and media presence during the 2018 cycle has created valuable name recognition across NY-23 for Tracy Mirano.  In July 2018, at the end of the primary, Mitrano had 40% name recognition, Reed 90%. By November, we closed the gap. However, name recognition is only the first step of what a candidate needs to compete. More time was needed to share Tracy Mitrano’s powerful message with voters and counteract Reed’s misleading campaign tactics. The Mitrano campaign isn’t wasting any time, and is already beginning direct voter outreach, communications and fundraising to set the stage for a competitive 2020 election.  

The Yates and Schuyler County Democratic Committees and the Chautauqua County Executive Committee have demonstrated insight and leadership in securing endorsement for the Mitrano Campaign.  The endorsements will help the Mitrano Campaign build upon past success, including earning an impressive 12% of the Republican vote in NY-23, and take advantage of a much longer window of time to raise funds and conduct voter outreach.  The last time a Democrat held the Congressional seat of this District (although configured somewhat differently before the redistricting of 2012), the candidate had to run twice, four years continuously, to overcome the demographic difference between registered Democratic and Republican voters.  The Mitrano Campaign deeply appreciates the support of these committees as we move forward together towards a victory in 2020.

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