PENN YAN—Democratic Congressional Nominee Tracy Mitrano (NY-23) issued a statement today regarding a report published last night by The Intercept that a medical debt collection company founded by Representative Tom Reed has mistreated consumers in his own district.

“I do not want to speculate on what is still a developing story,” Mitrano said. “I will say, however, that these allegations are concerning and the people of NY-23 deserve to know how their member of Congress has made his money. Affordable healthcare has long been a point of divergence between my opponent and myself. Congressman Reed has made no bones about it—he approaches healthcare from the lens of profits, whereas I view it as a vital responsibility of government to ensure that every person has access to affordable health care. One unexpected health crisis should not bankrupt a family.”

“More broadly,” Mitrano continued. “I want to point out that medical debt is an enormous problem in the United States. A study published earlier this year in the medical journal Health Affairs found that one in six Americans have medical debt, and that total medical debt in this country is a staggering $81 billion. The pervasiveness of medical debt in the U.S. suggests that many people, even those with health insurance, struggle to pay for healthcare.”

The report stated that Consumer Financial Protection Bureau data indicates that more than a dozen people in NY-23 have filed complaints against RR Resource Recovery. Reed founded the company, which is now owned by his wife, Jean Reed. Reed’s brother is listed as registration agent.

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