PENN YAN—Democratic Congressional Nominee Tracy Mitrano (NY-23) today released her FEC filings, showing that she raised $945,417.96 in Q3 (July through September), and emphasizing that in contrast to Representative Tom Reed, her campaign is powered by individual donations from people within the district, not corporate political action committees (PACs).

Additionally, her principal campaign committee raised $225,000 more than Reed’s—proof of unprecedented grassroots support and evidence of the district’s appetite for change.

“It is exciting to know that our message is continuing to resonate throughout the district,” Mitrano said. “I am proud to be running a campaign that represents people, not the interests of corporations. It is an honor to listen to individuals in the district; each conversation energizes me to keep working to make this district a place that works for everyone. I look forward to continuing to have these meaningful discussions and further build support.”

Mitrano announced that nearly 10,000 individual donors had contributed to her campaign in Q3, and that roughly 75 percent of the funds raised came from within the district. Individual donors accounted for 98 percent of the overall funds raised, and 27 percent came from grassroots donations of less than $200.

This groundswell of support from donors throughout the district echoes the participation of the 1,300 volunteers knocking on doors and making calls every day—further reaffirming the momentum of the Mitrano campaign.

“In September, I made a pledge to not accept any money from corporate PACs. I believe my FEC filings show that I have kept that commitment and are indicative of the type of representative I will be. I spend my days traveling across New York’s 23rd, having traveled tens of thousands of miles, meeting with people and listening to the very real problems they’re facing. Unlike my opponent, Tom Reed, I don’t spend my time soliciting donations from corporations,” Mitrano said. “More than half of Tom Reed’s campaign is funded by corporate PACs, making it clear that he is being held accountable to special interest groups and corporations, not the people for whom he is supposed to represent.”

Mitrano clarified that her $945,417.96 raise in Q3 comprised two fundraising committees: the campaign’s primary committee, The Friends of Tracy Mitrano Committee, and the Mitrano Victory Fund, the campaign’s joint fundraising committee with the New York State Democratic Committee.

Individually, Mitrano’s filings show approximately $855,000 for her principal campaign committee and $90,000 for the Mitrano Victory Fund. In comparison, Mr. Reed’s principal campaign committee filing shows approximately $630,000 in Q3 contributions, $225,000 less that Mitrano’s principal campaign committee over the same period.

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