PENN YAN—Jeffrey Sachs, University Professor and Director of Columbia University’s Center for Sustainable Development, announced that he is endorsing Democratic Congressional Nominee Tracy Mitrano (NY-23) in her bid for Congress.

Sachs, whose expertise in matters of sustainable development and poverty eradication has made him a respected figure around the world, met with Mitrano earlier this week, when he traveled to Cornell to give a lecture on civic engagement and sustainable development.

Sachs and Mitrano issued a joint statement announcing the endorsement.

“America needs leaders who are committed to long-term prosperity and sustainable development,” Sachs said. “I had the pleasure of meeting with Tracy Mitrano this week, and I’m impressed by her plan for representing NY-23. The district’s current representative, Tom Reed, is actively undermining NY-23’s interests and long-term prosperity. His support for short-sighted economic policies and anti-environment votes endangers our entire country and the future of our younger generations. Tracy Mitrano understands that we need to enact policies that ensure the long-term well-being of our natural environment and the health and education of all the people of NY-23. I’m proud to support Tracy, and I believe that she will make an excellent Congresswoman.”

“I spent many years teaching public policy, so I am well-acquainted with the excellent work of Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, and I have a great deal of respect for what he has done in countries around the world to build economies that work for all people,” said Mitrano. “I share his commitment to a mode of economic development that is fair and sustainable. As a member of Congress, I will aim to promote economic opportunity through the cultivation of all our human and natural resources. That’s my plan for this district, and Professor Sachs’s support of my campaign underscores something that I have known from the beginning: this is a vision worth fighting for.”

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