PENN YAN—Democratic Congressional Nominee Tracy Mitrano (NY-23) released the following statement regarding Representative Tom Reed’s exploitative photo opportunity with Meals on Wheels, a federally funded program that he voted to short change.


“Tom Reed demonstrated a new level of audacity when he appeared for a photo opportunity yesterday with Meals on Wheels in Tioga County. How can Reed pose for photos with beneficiaries of this critical program when he has voted to cut it—and just this year voted against legislation to increase its funding?


“This year’s Congressional budget bill added $19 million in budget support for Meals on Wheels, which provides essential nutrition and home visits to seniors in our district and around the county—but Reed was one of the 67 Republicans who voted against providing that crucial funding.


“At the time, he said, ‘’It’s going down the path of uncontrolled spending that continues to add to our national debt.’’ This sentiment is ironic, as Reed was one of the authors of Paul Ryan’s tax bill, which added trillions of dollars to our national debt in a giveaway to millionaires, billionaires, and corporate interests, exactly the backers Reed works to serve.


“As Reed is the co-chair of the so-called ‘Problem Solvers Caucus,’ Roll Call noted, ‘it is a bit odd for Reed to vote against a budget deal that advanced many bipartisan spending priorities.’ Of course, constituents in the 23rd District will not find it odd at all: it is politics as usual for Reed. This is just another example of how Reed has turned his back on bipartisanship for personal gain.


“The tax bill has helped corporate profits surge—while doing nothing to raise the wages of working and middle class families. And now Reed wants to bask in the glow of a program he voted against funding? Shame on him.”

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