Here is Tracy Mitrano’s statement:

“Max Della Pia called me this afternoon to concede the NY-23 Democratic Primary. I thanked Max for stepping up to run and mobilizing a strong base of supporters.

I would also like to thank all of the candidates for their courage in taking that extra step and running for office. They saw the challenges facing our District, and devoted their money, hearts, and lives to help the country we all love. Thank you to:

  • Karl Warrington, who campaigned with real heart;
  • Charles Whalen, who brought keen analysis;
  • Rick Gallant, who spoke so powerfully for teachers and unions;
  • Eddie Sundquist, who so effectively reminded us how this district has been failed by poor congressional leadership;
  • Linda Andrei, who shined a light on the importance of meaningful healthcare reform; and
  • Ian Golden, who galvanized the people who have felt disenfranchised from politics.

I also want to thank everyone who voted in the NY-23 Democratic primary. You are the backbone, the driving force, the spirit behind our growing movement to put people first. I decided to run for office because of you. I share this victory with each and every one of you.

This crowded primary election was tough. But it also has been a shining example of the energy and renewed civic duty that has broken out all across our country.

Now is the time to heal this district. What we have in common is far greater than that which divides us. Let’s re-establish accountability and common sense in our politics. Let us join together, farmers and small business people, urban and rural, young and elderly, minority and majority populations, immigrants and native-born. Let’s work toward health care, education, labor, and immigration reform; robust infrastructure of roads, transportation, and internet; let’s build the foundation that will attract new investment and bring 21st century jobs to this district.

But for a moment tonight, let us celebrate! Let’s celebrate the hope we feel among all people of this district, friends, neighbors and family, a community spirit towards Republicans and Independents and Democrats alike. Together, let’s put people first.”

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