PENN YAN — Today, presumptive NY-23 Democratic Congressional frontrunner Tracy Mitrano received the endorsement from Mary Luckern, the first female Town Supervisor of Geneva.

Town Supervisor Luckern released the following statement:

I spent over four decades working in education and shaping young minds. I believe that Tracy’s background as an educator is essential to making sure we tap into the potential of all our youth. Her emphasis on promoting education, whether it be community college, or trade and vocational training is essential to developing an economy and a workforce that is prepared for 21st Century jobs.

As the first female Town Supervisor of Geneva, I am endorsing Tracy because I believe that she has the policy experience to know how to navigate Washington, and also the compassion to represent the people of this district.”

In response, Tracy Mitrano said the following:

“I am honored by this endorsement from Mary Luckner, the former Geneva Town Supervisor and fellow educator. Ensuring access to quality education and training has been a key priority throughout my campaign. Too many young people today are strapped with life-long student debt simply for seeking the tools and skills needed to gain employment. This is not the way to create a workforce able to compete in today’s global economy. I’m ready to fight to put people first by getting greedy banking interests out of our education system.”