Presumptive NY-23 Democratic Congressional frontrunner Tracy Mitrano running in NY-23 released the following statement condemning the separation of families at the border:

“I am horrified by the conditions with which families are being held on our borders simply for trying to find a better life. Because of the “Zero Tolerance Policy” enacted by this administration in May, families are being ripped apart and held in what amounts to prisons and detention camps. Children with disabilities are being taken from their parents with no way to find them again. Last night we learned that babies and toddlers are being held in “tender age” shelters and more of these facilities are in the works. Thousands of people have escaped poverty and violence to come to this country, only to find worse conditions than what they were fleeing.

Using children as a deterrent to immigration is abhorrent and the “Zero Tolerance Policy” must end now. Constituents of NY-23rd have called Congressman Reed’s office in droves to demand action and in response, he released a statement providing no path forward and, as usual, he laid the blame on others. His response is unacceptable. Congressman Reed must denounce today the inhumane treatment happening on our borders. He must commit now to ending the “Zero Tolerance Policy” and to supporting legislation that keeps families together.”

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