Today, presumptive NY-23 Democratic Congressional frontrunner Tracy Mitrano received an endorsement from former New York Lieutenant Governor Mary Anne Krupsak, the first female Lt. Governor of New York.

Lieutenant Governor Krupsak released the following statement:

“As the former Lieutenant Governor of New York and a resident of Seneca County, I am endorsing Tracy Mitrano for Congress for New York’s 23rd District. Tracy has lived and worked in our area and understands first-hand our concerns. She has a passion for coming up with down-to-earth solutions dealing with issues like education, jobs, the economy, education, and healthcare. Tracy has the strongest moral character and is in this race not for political gain, but to do something constructive and to help the people of our District.

New York state has a strong track record of electing outstanding female leadership. I was the first woman Lieutenant Governor of New York and when I ran for office 40 years ago, people tried to tell me a woman couldn’t win. It has been thrilling to see the shift since then with more women running for Congress now than ever before. Tracy is a quality candidate who is stepping forward to offer her skills, her heart, and her soul to work on issues that matter to us all. We are fortunate to have a woman of this caliber. With Tracy’s leadership, background, and strong moral compass, this District will be in safe hands. I am confident she will be the fighter this District needs.”

In response to her endorsement, Tracy Mitrano said the following:

“I am grateful to have received this endorsement and vote of confidence from Lieutenant Governor Krupsak, who has long been a hero to me. Forty years ago, she was told not to run for Lieutenant Governor because it was believed a woman couldn’t win. Thankfully, she ignored those warnings, ran, and won, becoming the first woman Lieutenant Governor of New York and paving the way for women like me to run for office. Lieutenant Governor Krupsak embodies the grit and determination to succeed that I so love about our District. I will employ that same spirit as the representative from NY-23 in Congress.”