PENN YAN — Tracy Mitrano is running for Congress to bring economic opportunity to NY-23. Her sole focus continues to be to put people first, working to make NY-23 a great place to live for working and middle class families, students, teachers, farmers, seniors, and veterans.

As we approach the final seven days before the Democratic primary, our campaign received word of yet another politically-motivated attack from a fellow Democrat and opponent intended to create unnecessary confusion for voters. This political attack seeks to challenge Tracy’s primary residence and her 2017 NY Star exemption. It’s hard to believe that a week before the primary, campaigns are choosing to spend their time going through years of paperwork hunting for clerical errors.

Tracy’s primary residence is 2350 Lerch Road, Penn Yan, NY. Prior to 2018, her primary residence was listed as 20 Chase Lane, Ithaca, NY where she lawfully claimed the NY STAR exemption. As a promise to her youngest son, Tracy has been keeping the Ithaca home until he graduated from college. He graduated from Elon University in May 2018. In 2018, Tracy cannot and will not claim a NY STAR exemption for 20 Chase Lane, Ithaca, NY.

As stated on our campaign website and several candidate forums, Tracy worked for the University of Massachusetts. She purchased a temporary property there in 2016 as a place to stay when she was not working remotely from her homes in New York State. Like many traveling professionals, Tracy’s primary residence remained in New York.

Earlier this year, Tracy hired a Massachusetts real estate firm to sell her temporary property. On May 30, the sale occurred. The attorney sent Tracy documents which she signed and sent back to his office. She was not in attendance for the transaction.

The campaign first learned last night that one of the numerous documents Tracy signed to sell her temporary property was a document called a Declaration of Homestead about ownership and marital status that included a parenthetical clause about primary residence. She was unaware of the clause when she signed the document. She has contacted an attorney in Massachusetts to file an amended document. To date, there has been no tax consequence because this form only impacts tax filing for 2018.

Again, this campaign is about putting people first. As we continue our path to June 26, we remain 100% focused on doing just that, defeating Tom Reed, and uniting NY-23.

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