“Tracy Mitrano represents the best in American politics,” Mayor Boland said. “She is practical, thoughtful and authentic. Tracy has a genuine commitment to bringing us together as a people, representing what unites us as so much more powerful than what divides us. I support Tracy because she is a moderate progressive, someone who believes that honest conversations between people of good will build the common good, where an even better America is there for us all.”

“Tracy’s is a fresh politics of common ground, occupying the vibrant center, where people reach out to each other, engage each other in civil discussion, and work on differences,” Mayor Boland continued. “She believes, as I do, that this is the way we make progress as a people, together.”

“Tracy Mitrano’s candidacy speaks to the spirit and tradition of Amo Houghton’s representation of 23rd District, a positive tradition of civility, practical centrism and dialog. It’s tradition we value and remember in Corning,” Mayor Boland concluded.

“I’m very grateful for Mayor Boland’s support of our campaign,” Tracy Mitrano said. “It’s time to find common ground among our neighbors by putting people first, bringing common sense politics to Washington, and creating economic opportunity for the 23rd District.”


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