Today, Tracy received the endorsement of Tioga County Democratic Committee Chair Diane Lechner. Lechner has served as Chair since 2014 and is known for her hard work, commitment to her community, and her dedication to getting Democratic candidates elected into office.

Lechner released the following statement on her endorsement:

“Today, I am pleased to announce my endorsement for Tracy Mitrano for Congress in the Democratic primary for New York’s 23rd Congressional District. I have tremendous respect for the hard work and determination demonstrated by all the primary candidates so far in this race, but I believe that Tracy is unique in her ability to connect with voters and articulate her vision for the district. We need a representative in Congress who appreciates the difficult choices middle-class families have had to make due to stagnant wages and underemployment … who understands national security issues, especially as they relate to US cyber-security … and who acknowledges that healthcare is a right, not a privilege. Tracy Mitrano is the candidate who is most able to take Tom Reed to task on these issues and that’s why she has earned my support.”