Tracy Mitrano won the Tompkins County Democratic Committee straw poll conducted on February 12th, receiving 297 of the 571 votes—more votes than all the other candidates received combined. Participants voted in the straw poll after the candidates participated in a round-table in front of a packed audience that was largely focused on how the candidates planned to beat incumbent Tom Reed and their plans for the district.

In response to her win in Tompkins, Mitrano released the following statement:

Thank you to Tompkins County for the incredible support. The energy for my campaign that I saw last night mirrors the enthusiasm I have experienced all across the district. This district is ready for change after years of neglect. Tom Reed’s same tired tactics of trying to divide this district each election cycle will not work this time for one simple reason: our love for this district is more powerful than that. We have a long road ahead of us still, but I am more confident than I have ever been that this is the year we will bring real representation to NY-23.

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