In response to recent negative ad campaigns Congressman Tom Reed (NY-23) has run against his Congressional challengers, Democratic candidate Tracy Mitrano released the following open letter to Mr. Reed:
 Congressman Reed,
 While you spent last week publicly touting a message of unity and bipartisanship, you also sent two mailers to your supposed supporters calling your Congressional challengers “extreme liberals.” It’s a well-worn tactic you’ve used in every single election year since you took office and we see right through it. You use it as an excuse to ignore a large portion of your constituents and to distract your supporters from the fact that you vote for the interests of your wealthy out-of-state donors, rather than your constituents.
You can keep inserting the word “bipartisan” into each of your statements, but it will not change the fact that you regularly attack your own constituents. You can keep holding town hall meetings to pretend you’re listening to your constituents, but it won’t hide that you have neglected this district to become a Washington insider. You can post photos of your meetings with representatives on both sides of the aisle, but it will not change the fact that time and again you have chosen the partisan path in favor of the wealthy, rather than a bipartisan deal that would have actually helped your district.
Mr. Reed, your “us versus them” tactic is not real representation or leadership, and it will not work this year. Along the campaign trail, I have spoken with constituents across the political spectrum and the one thing they all agree on is that their lives have not improved under your leadership. You cannot hide from your record and you’ll see the consequences of that in November.
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