In an op-ed written to The Ithaca Times, Tracy called out Congressman Tom Reed for attempting to divide the district and encouraged constituents to work together using our shared values. Tracy said:

Though these perceptions are often superficial, many in politics seek to exaggerate them for personal and professional gain. Neglecting the real issues we all face by our incumbent representative in Congress – Tom Reed – has made the superficial seem more important than it is. Real leadership and real political representation would focus more on our shared foundation of values, rather than trying to drive a wedge between us.

My story is not all that different from many who reside in New York’s 23rd District. Tom Reed would have you think otherwise. He would have you think that because some members of our community—our family—think of a different way to achieve our shared values, or choose to live in a different town, that they are to be loathed. It is in Tom Reed’s best interest to promote a divide within the 23rd district.  He uses it so that he can vote how he pleases in his pursuit of special interest money. But it is not good for us.  Falling into his trap will continue to hold us back.

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