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Bringing Economic Opportunity Back to NY-23

For too long, this district has been left behind because our representatives are working for corporate interests. I am committed to working for you.

Healthy Families

  • Provide a basic level of healthcare for everyone

  • Ensure protections for those with pre-existing conditions

  • End the structural division in policies between mental and physical health

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Educated People

  • Strengthen our public schools and include better pay for teachers

  • End crippling interest rates on student loans

  • Expand universal Pre-K education and Head Start

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Improved Infrastructure

  • Expand robust rural broadband for families, businesses, and farmers

  • Improve the quality of our residential roads and highways

  • Restore our bridges, railroads, and levees

Home Decor Write for Us

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Protected Natural Resources

  • Support the federal Anti-Fracking Act

  • Coordinate federal and state alignment to address water quality

  • Fund complete cleanup of the West Valley low-level radioactive-waste site

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Cybersecurity is National Security

Every day, foreign adversaries and non-state actors are attacking our government infrastructure, the integrity of our elections, and American businesses. Help send a cybersecurity expert like Tracy to Congress to defend America’s digital borders.